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"The greatest danger to historic buildings comes from engineers who are unaware of their unique values and apply the Codes literally, or who are unwilling to accept responsability for making judgments. It can be said with some justice, that many a historic building has the options of being destroyed by the Codes or by the text eartquake."
Bernard M. Feilden: Conservation of Historic Buildings

The International Conference Series on Historic Structures, organised in the town of Cluj-Napoca, was launched in 1997. In the first year the presentations and round-table discussions enabled a wide exchange of expertise among specialists from all over the country, who work in the field of historic load-bearing structures. Since 1998 guests and specialists have been invited from the neighbouring countries – Hungary, Slovakia -; the conference became truly international in 1999, when specialists from EU member states, from Eastern and Central European Countries, as well as from other continents, like North America were invited. The issues debated at the conference are related to specific historic load-bearing structures (roof structures, slab structures, masonry structures), to the durability and heritage values of historic structures, and damages threatening them. The year 1999 marks the issuing of the lecture volume at the opening date of the session, translated into all of the three official languages of the conference.

The official languages of the conference are English, Romanian and Hungarian. Simultaneous translation will be provided during all lectures, presentations, the field trips and round-table discussions.

Organisers: Transylvanian Historic Building Conservationists’ Society, Transylvania Trust; Ministry of Culture and Religions, Bucharest; Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, and from 2001 INCERC Cluj N.

The Topics up to the present:

1999: Historic Roof Structures
2000: Historic Slab-Structures
2001: Historic Masonry Structures
2002: Durability of Historic Structures
2003: Historic Structures and Disasters
2004: Heritage Values of Historic Structures
2005: Traditional and Innovative Materials and Techniques in the Conservation of Historic           Structures
2006: The Safety of Historic Load-Bearing Structures
2007: Emergency Interventions on Load-bearing Structures
2008: Historic Timber Structures
2010: Historic Load-bearing Structures in Ruins - Fortress Engineering
2012: The Protection of Historic Load-bearing Structures and the Society

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