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Built heritage, as part of the cultural heritage, is a potential means of communication in our society. Acknowledging its inestimable value represents an important guide mark for our entire modern society, and the efforts to protect the heritage imply contributions from everybody. In order to accomplish this wish, we firstly have to be aware of our heritage. Therefore, the purpose of this event is the acknowledgement, understanding and appreciation of all aspects regarding historic load-bearing structures, as part of our built heritage.

The aims of the International Conference on Historic Structures are:

  • the support and popularisation of activities dedicated to conservation and rehabilitation of the built heritage in general and of historic structures in particular;
  • the prompting of experience change among the well-known specialists of this area and the researchers at the beginning of their career;
  • to create the necessary framework for the launch of a real dialogue between the specialists of this area, the administrative authorities and the general public, in order to obtain a change of mentality for a better protection of the heritage values;
  • the dissemination of information and of the latest news by publishing materials translated in the three official languages of the event (English, Romanian and Hungarian).









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