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     Conference Series on Theoretical and Practical Issues on Built Heritage
     Conservation - Tusnad
     Actual Edition - Formatting requirements

In order to ease the process of organizing and compiling the conference materials, the conference's Organizing Committee would like to ask you to edit your presentation according to the requirements in the attached document.

You can download two files.

In the "requirements.doc" file you will find all the editing requirements, please follow them rigorously, otherwise we will be forced to reject your paper. The "example.pdf" document is an example of how your paper should look like after the editing procedure. We recommend you to work in the downloaded doc file, since it has the recommended page setup and header.

The eedited document should be sent in TWO COPIES, one in doc format and one in pdf, to one of the e-mail addresses or by April 1, 2014.

Within the conference's framework, as auxiliary material for the participants, a portfolio with an ISSN code (for periodic publications and for those which appear with the occasion of cultural and scientific events) will be issued that will include all the abstracts of the received lectures, translated into the three official languages of the conference: Romanian, Hungarian and English. At the same time, beside these abstracts the full lectures will also appear in the languages sent by their authors. We inform you that after the conference a publication with an ISBN code (for separate publications) will appear that will include those full lectures, which were selected beforehand by the Scientific Committee of this event.

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