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     Conference Series on Theoretical and Practical Issues on Built Heritage
     Conservation - Tusnad
The Transsylvania Nostra Foundation organises, between October 18 and 19, 2018, the 19th edition of the International Scientific Conference on Theoretical and Practical Issues of Built Heritage Conservation – TUSNAD 2018. This internationally recognised scientific event will be held at Cluj-Napoca (Cluj Co., Romania). The location of the conference will be the Museum of Fine Arts, Bánffy Palace, Unirii Square nr. 30. The topic addressed in this edition is connected to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018: a celebration of the diversity and richness of European built heritage and heritage 4 generations.
The programme of the 19th edition of the Conference Series on Theoretical and Practical Issues of Built Heritage Conservation – TUSNAD 2018 will include lecture presentations on a general approach of reconstruction of monuments and sites, case studies, round-table discussions, panel exhibitions and documentary field trip.
The proposed topics, all of which approach the relationship between built heritage and cultural heritage, discussing the establishment, use and protection of built heritage, as well as highlighting the aspects that ensure the cultural significance of the act of building.
During the conference, simultaneous translation of the lectures will be provided in Romanian, Hungarian and English.

More information about the conference and the participation requirements you can find in the OFFICIAL INVITATION.






















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