Kortárs kihívások a műemlékvédelemben *** Contemporary Challenges in Built Heritage Protection


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Since the middle of the 19th century, when all over Europe built heritage protection endeavours were born and spread, new challenges appeared continuously, which more or less shaped the initial concepts and principles. It would be instructive to review all these changes from a historic perspective. This is not necessary though, since the main elements are quite well known: the principles related to built heritage protection, more precisely conservation, and the main phases in the evolvement of these principles. In this respect the guidelines of the Athens Charter, and of the successive Venice Charter (it was issued in 1964, thus in 2014 it would be 50 years since its adoption) determined for many decades the rules to be followed, or most of them concerning the range of “monuments and sites”.

Keywords: cultural heritage, historic buildings and sites, Venice Charter, Burra Charter, heritage values, Faro Convention