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Not long ago as I was getting ready for a lecture in Pécs I recalled HARIS’s The research methodology of historic buildingsand its changes article and an observation from Gottfried GRUBEN’s paper, which was published in one of the issues of the Klassische Archäologie in 2000, according to which: “The history of building archaeology has still not been treated up to this day”.3 It was because of these that I decided to try to summarize the situation of building archaeology researches in Hungary. Reviewing the literature in the last 10 years since the article was published in the Műemlékvédelem Journal convinced me that the uncertainty and confusion around the use and definition of these terms felt 10 years ago did not loosen at all. I have been teaching the Historic Building Conservation course at the Budapest University of Technology, in the framework of which of course I deal with the building archaeology research methodology, its purpose, the presentation of the implementation devices, the enumeration of the probable results and with their evaluation and way of application.
Keywords: building archaeology, nondestructive and destructive investigation, construction periods, primary and secondary source