Fieldwork in Transylvania. A Landscape Architectural Perspective (Part 2) *** Cercetare de teren în Transilvania. O perspectivă din punctul de vedere al arhitecturii peisagere (Partea 2)


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This article is the second part on fieldwork in Transylvania. It studies the relation between settlements and landscapes in terms of design. It is an explorative study on the basis of a field trip with students in 2014 and a brief analysis of texts and maps focussing on two case studies of settlements in the Călata Region, south-west of Cluj-Napoca. We start by investigating how rivers and the water system influence the structure of the settlements. Landscape structure and regional development are intricately related. Although we visited a number of different sites and subjects, in this article we will focus on the settlement structure of some specific villages. We will analyse if and how their structure is related to the landscape structure and in what ways this can give clues for landscape development in the future. We continue with how development of settlements is related to the three goals of contemporary landscape architecture, in general, i.e. the problem of water management, the energy transition and the creation of healthy environments for people. At the level of regional development, the landscape structure is predominantly determined by geomorphology and soils. We investigate the potential of historical continuity in the contemporary development of settlements by applying these three goals to case studies, showing how they can fit into the existing structure of settlements itself. In this region, settlement structure is largely determined by water systems and road systems that give form to the relation between public and private space. One of the conclusions of the study is the lack of attention paid to public space both inside and outside settlements, which is a major task for landscape architects.

Keywords: landscape architecture, landscape, road system, water system, development, Transylvania