Consolidarea, reabilitarea şi restaurarea Palatului Episcopal din Galaţi *** The Consolidation, Rehabilitation, and Conservation of the Bishopric Palace in Galaţi


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The building of the Bishopric Palace is a symbol of Galaţi City, found in the southern part of Moldavia Region. It is representative of the Eclectic style and it preserves its historic nature. The building is listed as a historic building representative of the city. The consolidation, rehabilitation, and conservation project started in 2012 and lasted for approximately two years. It consisted in rebuilding important parts and components that had been destroyed, in intervening for ensuring the stability of the building, and in using various materials to solve certain inevitable deteriorations.
The number of the building’s artistic components is not very high, but they are significant for the style represented by the palace. Many of them had been destroyed over time and rebuilt based on old photographs.

Keywords: consolidation, rehabilitation, conservation, Galaţi, Eclectic, palace, groundwater, general raft, porch, painting, gold leaf, gypsum profile, frame, marble, Ruşchiţa, Carrara