Reconstrucţia parcurilor istorice rezidenţiale transilvănene *** The Reconstruction of Transylvanian Historic Residential Parks


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Once designs developed as background for the residence and place for outdoor leisure, the Transylvanian historic residential parks are currently mostly in ruins. The article addresses the issue of Transylvanian historic residential parks from the perspective of their possible reconstruction.
Which were and remained the values of the Transylvanian historic residential parks? Why would we talk about rehabilitation through reconstruction and not about rehabilitation through simpler works of liberation and completion? May we aspire to a full reconstruction or just to a partial reconstruction accompanied by innovation? What are the possible preparatory steps of reconstruction? Who are the actors needed to take the preparatory steps of the reconstruction? These are the main topics that this paper highlights, in the attempt to establish an intervention methodology tailored to the specifics of the situation of Transylvanian historic residential parks.

Keywords: 18th century, 19th century, 20th century, inventory, topographic survey, soil examination, architectural survey, vegetation survey