On Historic Roof Structures in Europe *** Despre șarpantele istorice din Europa *** Az európai történeti fedélszerkezetekről


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The area of roof structure research is sporadically present in Europe, without however any large comparative studies. Some fields are treated in parallel by several European research centres, while other are completely ignored, and multidisciplinary studies in their real meaning are completely absent. Most of the studies performed at European level approach the roof structures from the perspective of the art historian or of the “building archaeologist”, of the technologist or of the wooden scientist. In Romania, the study of roof structures is almost completely overlooked by the specialists in the field of the built heritage, and it strictly limits itself to the minimum necessary representation and only at the level of cross section. The people who still deal with this field are mainly structure building engineers. Archaeologists also have gained a more and more important role as dendrochronological research emerged and spread.