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From the beginning of my collaborations with structural engineers specialising in listed historic buildings, Mr. Mircea CRIŞAN remains a role model that is difficult to match, both in the rigour of technical solutions in the design phase and the flexibility and inspiration in adapting drawing board solutions to on-site situations, which are most often complex situations, with a high degree of diversity.

His intuition for historic structures and his dedication to historic buildings made Mircea CRIŞAN always an authority both on the conservation site and in specialised committees and forums.

Moreover, as professor and mentor at the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, compared to other structural engineers, he had the added quality of working closely with architects in elaborating the structural components of designs, so that structural repairs could positively complement the designs’ successful development.

In what follows, I will go back in time, remembering the collaboration my office and I had with the engineer that was, is, and will be the structural engineer and professor, Mircea CRIȘAN.