Stadiul actual al arhitecturii feroviare a căilor ferate înguste abandonate din regiunea istorică a Maramureșului *** The Current State of the Railway Architecture of the Abandoned Narrow-gauge Railways in the Historical Region of Maramureș


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The article presents an analysis of the buildings that have been preserved up to now in the narrow-gauge railway stations between Ocna Şugatag and Coştiui, as well as between Şomcuta Mare and Ghilvaci. The inventoried elements refer to the functions, state of preservation, and past interventions on these railway constructions in order to identify areas of interest for possible future rehabilitation or repurposing. After interpreting the data, we point out the situations that call for emergency interventions necessary to save this type of industrial heritage.

Keywords: narrow-gauge railway, railway architecture, state of preservation, rehabilitation, industrial heritage