The “Ambulance for Monuments” Project (2016-2018) *** Proiectul „Ambulanţa pentru monumente” (2016-2018) *** A „Műemlékmentés” projekt (2016–2018)


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In present-day Romania hundreds of historic buildings that have been neglected or inappropriately exploited for decades remain in critical condition, moving with rapid steps towards collapse. Increasingly more voices in the field claim that the protection of built heritage in Romania needs a new approach, where emergency measures to ensure safety would benefit from an adequate legislative framework, from support and control at all levels, as well as from the involvement of civil society under the guidance of specialists. A means by which some of these could be obtained might be the organisation, with local support, of certain on-site actions for assessments, consultancy, measures to prevent and stop the degradation – activities that have been incorporated into the “Ambulance for Monuments” project.

Keywords: built heritage, historic buildings, emergency interventions, civil society, volunteering