Conservarea şi restaurarea clădirilor istorice din Piaţa Unirii din Timişoara *** The Preservation and Conservation of Historical Buildings in Unirii Square, Timişoara


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The preservation and conservation of historical buildings include an important research component consisting of field studies, historical studies, different investigation types, surveys, and other analysis components regarding context and current situation. The article raises the question of the presence of groundwater in an urban ensemble with heritage value, and of its impact on the physical condition of the buildings, through three case studies. Understanding groundwater dynamics becomes essential in design making, and it should become a concern for all stakeholders involved in the complex process of heritage management. The designs are presented in chronological order, following the same subchapter structure that includes the building history, the current situation, the description of the constructive solutions proposed, and the conclusions of each study.

Keywords: preservation, conservation, ensemble, groundwater