Promenada Aiudului *** The Aiud Promenade


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Inspired by the author’s ongoing doctoral research – “The Beginnings of Transylvanian Urban Public Parks” –, the present article aims to identify the planted public spaces of Aiud, used for leisure, in the time period characteristic for the development of Transylvanian urban public parks. The emphasis is placed on the so-called Promenade / Sétatér (in Hungarian, term used at the time), currently the Aiud Municipal Park, an ensemble with traits specific for the first public urban parks, not only in Transylvania, but also generally in Europe. The article begins by framing the topic of the emergence of urban public parks in the general European context, respectively the specific Transylvanian one; it continues with historical and urban planning data relevant for the development of Aiud; it identifies (within the period) and analyses the town’s planted public spaces used for leisure, presenting detailed aspects on the formation and development of the promenade (the town’s park). The article’s conclusions try to highlight both the validity, in this case, of the European model of integrating planted spaces within the urban environment, as well as the local particularities of this process.

Keywords: historic park, urban public park, public space, Transylvania