Monumentul: de la abandon la comunitate *** The Monument: from Abandonment to Community


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In the 21st century industrial heritage – and in particular the historic building that belongs to industrial heritage – is a current research topic, but also a means for architectural experimentation on space and its limits as an intermediary between the individual and society. Many theories place the industrial heritage building, as a listed historic building, on an ever-changing position. The proposed case study comes as a direct exemplification of this theoretical journey. The former Brewery in Turda is, through its historical evolution, a silent witness of the economic and social transformations of the town over the course of a century and a half. Although physically decrepit, via the many contemporary interventions, today it represents a real social condenser – a free time factory, where there is room for both the local community, as well as for artistic experiments or socio-cultural events.

Keywords: historic building theory, interventions, memory, functional conversion, Turda Brewery, “Free Time Factory”