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The present article approaches the issue of intangible heritage within a territory found in an identity, economic, and sociocultural transition, as it is the specific case of Anina Town. Known for its heritage value before the closure of the mine in 2007, Anina shows a certain social inertia to change, with direct impact on built environment abandonment, deterioration, and disappearance. The team of the “Anina Mine of Ideas” cultural project implemented a multidisciplinary explorative methodology trying to map the collective memory from the perspective of experiences cumulated in relation with the industrial Anina (of the past) and the post-industrial Anina (of the present), with a view to finding instruments for stimulating the local community in the process of acknowledging its own heritage values and of redefining a post-industrial identity.

Keywords: mining, post-industrial, intangible heritage, community portrait, Anina (Romania)