Şimleu Silvaniei: testarea mecanică a mortarelor pentru zidăria de completare la nivelul ruinei incintei I *** Şimleu Silvaniei: Mechanical Testing for the Addition Mortars at the Inner Ward Ruin - Precinct I


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Given the complex requirements that masonry and masonry mortars used for addition interventions in general have to meet, in preparation for the intervention at precinct I (the inner ward) of the Şimleu Silvaniei’s Báthory Castle ensemble, a study was conducted to emphasise the mechanical interactions between mortar and masonry elements and the effects that these can produce on the mechanical compatibility between the existing and the added masonry. The results of this study highlight the influence of the mortars and of the stone laying on the overall behaviour of the addition masonry and on its compatibility
with the existing one.
Keywords: heritage conservation, Şimleu Silvaniei, addition masonry