Baza de date a şarpantelor istorice din Transilvania *** Transylvanian Historic Roof Structures Database


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Historic roof structures are loadbearing structures made of timber, according to an empirical and intuitive design, without the support of a structural engineering theory. They rest exclusively on supporting subunits (load-bearing walls, pillars and columns), usually arranged on the external outline of the building, without resting on slabs or vaults (moreover, it’s these timber roof slabs that are often hanging from the historic roof structures). There is no unitary or widely-used terminology, classification, or typology related to this type of built heritage, although the building of a database should require the use of a common language, which would facilitate the dialogue among specialists. Due to the lack of common grounds, specialists have been elaborating their own nomenclature, based on different classification criteria. This paper presents the main types of regional historic roof structures in Europe, respectively the selection criteria for the information included in the database, while emphasising the need for the creation of an inventory for this type of built heritage. While proposing classification criteria based on the mechanic behaviour of historic roof structures, this paper presents a database of roof structures in Transylvania, still under construction.
Keywords: historic roof structures, classification criteria, databases, heritage values