Iniţierea procedurii de clasare de urgenţă a „Cetăţii Bucureşti” *** The Initiation of Emergency Listing Procedures for the “Bucharest Fortress”


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At approximately 10 km from the city centre, Bucharest is surrounded by the fortification ring built in the last two decades of the 19th century as a main component of the country’s defensive system, initiated and supported by Prince Carol I of HOHENZOLLERN. The Bucharest fortifications, designed by the Belgian general Henri AlexisBRIALMONT, have a length of 72 km, 18 forts and 18 intermediary batteries, a circular path and encompass, at approx. 100 m behind the fortified line, a railway doubled by a road, the city’s current ring road.The mullti-criteria analysis on the fortified ensemble, based only on primary data, unequivocally demonstrates the exceptional artistic, architectural, urban, memorial-symbolic and uniqueness qualities of Bucharest’s fortification ring. This is the main reason cited by the National Office of Historical Monuments for starting the procedures for the listing of this ensemble as a historic building.
Keywords: Prince Carol I, BRIALMONT, fortification, fort, battery, Bucharest, Chitila, Mogoşoaia, Otopeni, Tunari, Ştefăneşti, Afumaţi, Pantelimon, Cernica, Căţelu, Leordeni, Popeşti, Berceni, Jilava, Broscărie, Măgurele, Bragadiru, Domneşti, Chiajna