Cetatea Aradului *** Arad Fortress


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Of the multiple categories of fortifications, the bastioned fortresses represent for the contemporary city offers with multiple possibilities, but accompanied by complex issues. The evolution of town-fortress relationships headed either towards the inclusion of the former in the modern city, through the demolition of inconvenient walls and the preservation of some of its vestiges, or towards the isolation of the fortification preserved outside the city centre and the diminution of their functional relationship. This is also the case of the Arad Fortress, which at the moment poses specific problems, both of functional solutions and of urban integration. After the recent decision to abandon its military function, the fortress, preserved in its entirety, offers the contemporary city the chance of its revitalisation as a polarising landmark, in a relationship with the historical area.
Keywords: bastioned fortification, urban evolution, historical area, decommissioning, rehabilitation, refunctionalisation