Római kori rommaradványok konzerválása és bemutatása *** Conservation and Presentation of Roman Ruin Fragments


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One of the most complex and possibly most complicated tasks of historic building conservation is presenting in an authentic manner ruins that either were revealed by archaeological methods or have been present in their environment for centuries. Regardless of the manner they came into focus, ruins are likely to preserve the marks of several construction periods. These seemingly unconnected wall fragments need to be presented in such a way as to offer a view that amateur visitors can understand and interpret. Designers of ruin conservations that started in the mid-20th century thought that the larger public would find it intellectually compelling to imagine the whole mass of the building outlined in its layout. By the end of the century, this hypothesis proved untenable. The large public favours archaeological parks that can offer a complex experience by presenting the living space of the past culture.
Keywords: Roman Period, protection of historic ruins, interpretive presentation