Az erdélyi magyar műemlékvédelem utóbbi húsz esztendeje *** The Past Twenty Years of Hungarian Built Heritage Conservation in Transylvania


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In the first days of July 2011, when the editor-in-chief of the Transsylvania Nostra Journal asked me to prepare a presentation on the history of the past twenty years of Hungarian built heritage conservation in Transylvania for the specialist journal, I was hardly aware of what I undertook. During the cumbersome and long process of material gathering, a multitude of memories, contradictions, doubts, successes and failures came to my mind. They finally made me leave the task to posterity and to the enterprising young representatives of a new generation, as an ingrate heritage(?) or responsible task. I do not feel myself entitled to undertake the task, nor do I possess enough information to be able to complete it reliably and exhaustively. I also find the assigned length inappropriate, as not even a complete issue would be enough, even for simply listing the events. In light of the above remarks, I only intend my contribution as an addition. I will try to provide a selection of the events of the past twenty years, based on my own, lived experiences.
Keywords: build heritage conservation, Transilvania, NGOs