Componentele artistice de piatră ale faţadelor la Biserica Romano-Catolică Sf. Iosif de Calasanz din Carei *** Artistic Stone Components of the St. Joseph Calasanz Roman-Catholic Church Elevations in Carei


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The Roman-Catholic church in Carei, one of the most representative historical buildings of the town is currently being conserved based on the projects drafted over the last few years, with architect Éva EKE as head of design. An integral part of this project involved the investigation of the numerous artistic stone components of the church elevations, after which conclusions were drawn and the restoration principles established. The present article unravels the project stages, preceded by the brief history and description of the edifice. In order to have a successful restoration procedure, the collaboration between specialists is extremely necessary, as is their coordination as early as the research-design stage and the rigorous supervision of the implementation.
Keywords: decorative elements, stone statues, blackish crust, corroded metal rods, artificial stone completions, use of biocide, hydrophobization.