Consolidarea, restaurarea şi punerea în valoare a Cetăţii Feldioara, jud. Braşov *** The Consolidation, Conservation and Utilization of the Feldioara Fortress, Braşov County


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The development of the technical project for the consolidation, conservation and utilization of the Feldioara/Marienburg Fortress ruins began in the spring of 2013, under the lead of architect Éva EKE, as head of design. Emergency interventions were conducted in the first half of the year, by implementing provisional buttress and consolidation works for the towers and the enclosure wall. In parallel, several stages of archaeological support and research were conducted, which will continue in 2014, too. Currently, the technical project is being implemented, the designer offering technical assistance and develops the implementation details. This article presents the current situation of the fortress ruins and the general conservation concept.
Keywords: ruin, mediaeval fortress, Feldioara Fortress, zwinger wall, utilization, stone vault, Teutonic Knights, machicolation