Şarpanta fostei biserici evanghelice (azi biserica ortodoxă „Sf. Arhangheli Mihail şi Gavriil”) din Corvineşti *** The Roof Structure of the Former Lutheran Church (Today the Archangels Michael and Gabriel Orthodox Church) in Corvineşti


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The former Lutheran Church in Corvineşti (belonging today to the Orthodox community in the village) is an exponent of the built Transylvanian Saxon heritage in an advanced state of degradation, example which highlights the problems that may be caused by the lack of function or of maintenance and repair works, so necessary in the life of a building. This article aims an analysis of the church’s roof structure from the point of view of the structural concept, of the mechanical behavior, with a short inventory of the existing degradations and of the causes that led to their appearance. The short research conducted wishes to be an incursion into history, being also a signal inspired to draw the attention of specialists (and not only) to this heritage value.
Keywords: Saxon built heritage, Corvineşti, hall church, roof structure, structural analysis