Parcul castelului Bethlen din Dragu (judeţul Sălaj) *** The Park of the Bethlen Manor House in Dragu, Sălaj County


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The article presents several landmarks in the history of the buildings and developments of the park of Bethlen Manor House in Dragu (Sălaj County), a park that was developed in the 18th-19th centuries and classified as historic building on 2004s and 2010s List of Historic Buildings. Although the current status of the manor house and park ensemble does not allow us to clearly distinguish the original extent of the landscaped style elements or their degree of development, some traces of the former layouts are still visible close to the proper building of the manor house, both in the court-garden sheltered in its U-shape configuration, and on the lawn lying between the manor house and the arm of the tributary to Almaş River. Moreover, the article describes the main built and developed elements of the ensemble, the relationships between them and with the surrounding settlement and landscape, as seen by the author in the summer of 2007, when she tried to draw up a rough inventory of the current layout. 
Keywords: historical garden, countryseat, geometric style design, landscaped style design, 18th-19th centuries