Şarpantele istorice cu caracter baroc de pe strada Mihail Kogălniceanu, Cluj-Napoca *** Baroque Roof Structures on Mihail Kogălniceanu Street in Cluj-Napoca


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The heightened interest for research on baroque roof structures, both from a structural viewpoint and from the history of architecture viewpoint, contributes to an increase of the number of publications on the topic, not only in Transylvania but in Germany or Hungary as well. Still, the subject matter of studies written in this field of research is generally chosen on a random basis. The time frame allotted to theses or dissertations restrains academic research – studies are thus mainly concerned with various details. Practicing engineers and specialists elaborate their articles with goals established according to information gathered from personal experience. Synthetic studies are scarce in the field. The technical data on (baroque) historic roof structures collected from well determined geographic areas in the depths of a topographical survey’s detail (based on engineering criteria) will yield information useful for both basic research and collateral domains. This article analyses the technological and conceptual similarities and differences of baroque roof structures situated in one of the street from Cluj remarkably rich in historic buildings, the Mihail Kogălniceanu Street. The main objective of this paper is to describe a methodology for the gathering of a minimum of data that would allow for the elaboration of the basic survey of baroque roof structures.
Keywords: historic roof structures, main truss, secondary truss, baroque roof structures, Cluj-Napoca