Contribuţii arheologice la istoria Catedralei Romano-catolice Sfântul Mihail din Alba Iulia *** Archaeological Contributions to the History of the St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Alba Iulia


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The article presents the main results obtained through the archaeological researches conducted between 2000 and 2011, at the interior and the exterior of the Roman Catholic cathedral in Alba Iulia, during the historic building’s conservation. Regarded as a whole, the investigations have brought new information on the cathedral’s history, especially on the eastern side, thoroughly studied even since 2000, both on the outside (2000-2007) and on the inside (2000-2004 the interior of the sacristy, 2010-2011 the interior of the choir). For the first time, the ruins of the Romanesque semicircular apse, the ruins of the Gothic choir and of its sacristy on the southern side have been highlighted.
Keywords: Mediaeval cathedral, sacristy, Romanesque apse, Gothic choir, Alba Iulia