Tratarea suprafețelor arhitecturale, o etapă decisivă în păstrarea identității patrimoniului construit *** Architectural Surfaces Treatment, a Decisive Stage in Preserving the Built Heritage Identity


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Often considered to be sacrifice areas in the course of interventions on built heritage, the status of architectural surfaces is in a continuous state of instability. Being the outcome of the confrontation between the look and the structure of a historic building, the skin of a building is the object of rankings and reclassifications conditioned by doctrinal fluctuations in the preservation-conservation field, by the evolution of mentalities and of spiritual life, by political, social or economic circumstances. The present paper unfolds around three main issues: identification of arguments contained by the conservation theory on the preservation of architectural surfaces in their broadest sense, from the most basic plastering to mural paintings; preservation of architectural surfaces as archaeology: the role of stratigraphic research in preservation-conservation operations carried out on built heritage; methodological landmarks in recreating architectural surfaces: the aesthetic problem; the technical problem.
Keywords: architectural surfaces, image, architectural skin, historical interval, archaeological vision, stratigraphic research, information gaps, filling the gaps, authenticity