Un nou concept pentru managementul riscului seismic *** A New Concept of Seismic Risk Management


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The scenarios of individual accountability after a seismic disaster are not foreseeable and they are missing in pre-disaster analyses. The seismic tragedy in Italy, the city of L’Aquila, on April 6, 2009, has seen the members of a Specialised Technical Committee made guilty for the first time, which has led to the conviction of these members and attracted criticism of worldwide specialists. The 2004 World Bank recommendations for seismic risk management in Romania should be taken as rules to follow by both central and local authorities. They refer, among others, to improving the legal framework for disaster management activities and to developing a financing strategy for disaster prevention. The two recommendations could be taken as prophylactic medicine in Romania in order to prevent a situation similar to the Italian one in case of a future major earthquake in Vrancea area.
Keywords: seismic risk, hazard level, Bucharest, earthquake, protection, seismic consolidation, seismic risk management