Restaurarea cetăţii din Alba Iulia în secolul XX *** The Conservation of the Alba Iulia Fortress in the 20th Century


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During the Communist regime in Romania, architecture was subordinated to the way of thinking of the totalitarian system, representing a powerful means of propaganda, serving the official discourse that praised the modernization of cities, with the intention of erasing any memory of the history prior to the system. The case of the Alba Iulia Fortress illustrates this policy, by being a protected ensemble when serving in 1968 as a scenery for the festivities that celebrated 50 years since the union of Transylvania with Romania, but strongly aggressed during the 70s and 80s by the systematization policy, when an unprecedented destruction of the historic centres of cities was recorded, onto which the megalomaniac whims of the dictator projected.
Keywords: Alba Iulia, fortress, conservation, historic buildings, 1968, The Romanian Communist Party