Două sute de ani de la naşterea arhitectului Miklós YBL *** Two Hundred Years from the Birth of Architect Miklós YBL


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Built heritage represents the cultural proof of every people. The works of the Hungarian architect Miklós YBL represented for Hungarian architecture the reference of the 19th century. This year marks the 200th anniversary of his birth and therefore he is also celebrated by UNESCO. A great number of representative buildings bear his mark and the style promoted by him, the neo-Renaissance style. It is important to discover and to get to know his works, especially those in Transylvania. Some of them have been modified in the meantime (Károlyi Manor House), while others, built in his style, were tied with the architect’s name without having any proof in this sense (Teleki Manor House).
Keywords: Miklós Ybl, Károlyi Manor House, Teleki Manor House, neo-Renaissance style