Utilitatea standardelor şi normativelor în vigoare din punctul de vedere al reabilitării structurale *** The Utility of Valid Standards and Norms in What Pertains to Structural Rehabilitation


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Romanian built heritage comprises a general group of historic constructions and a particular set of listed historic buildings. The technical legislation and valid standards and norms apply thus to this latter category of buildings as well. Nevertheless, there is a major difference between applying certain prescriptions as guiding or open to interpretation, and applying them on a literal basis. Scientific studies are of great help in identifying the limits to the possible uses of various sets of standards when evaluating, designing, and implementing interventions on historic buildings. The article discusses the utility of various sets of prescriptions from those pertaining to loads to those referring to technological details. The discussion departs from experience accumulated during two case studies, the rehabilitation of the Sic Calvinist Church and that of the Calvinist Church in Kogălniceanu Street, Cluj-Napoca, both having reached reception phase at the end of the working process in the summer of 2015. The last chapter contains some references to the dangers of applying certain prescriptions to historical buildings without adapting or interpreting them and to the dangers of not applying them at all.

Keywords: rehabilitation, historic load-bearing structures, verification, dimensioning, historic roof structures, net vaults, star rib vaults, interventions, structural calculation