Aplicabilitatea reglementărilor tehnice pe plan naţional în domeniul geotehnicii şi fundaţiilor *** The Applicability of Technical Regulations on National Level Regarding Geotechnics and Foundations


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The consolidation of heritage buildings involves primarily the implementation of structural interventions, without alterations that may affect the load-bearing structure units, sub-units or elements subjected to the intervention. Starting with the 1950s, a series of methods for the consolidation of historic load-bearing structures, through a technology with micropiles, were implemented and developed over time. Starting from the practical applicability of the method in historic building consolidation, the foundation and underpinning techniques using micropiles have known a rapid international ascension, both in the area of deep foundations for new buildings and as a method for the improvement and stabilisation of the terrain in the transportation infrastructure. A series of technical specifications were developed as a result of research in the field, as guidelines for establishing aspects of micropile calculations. On a national level, the methods of consolidation using micropiles represents a narrower field, and an exhaustive debate on the applicability of technical regulations could be held when the technical specifications for calculations in the field have been updated and completed. This paper aims for a short presentation of the method’s advantages, especially in the field of historic building conservation, through a bibliographic overview from the professional literature, but also from the author’s experience through participation in the finalising of such a project, and will mainly stress the need for an update and completion of the technical regulations in force in the studied field.

Keywords: micropiles, consolidation, historic buildings