Importanţa pentru România a Convenției-cadru a Consiliului Europei privind valoarea patrimoniului cultural pentru societate *** The Importance for Romania of the Framework Convention of the Council of Europe on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society


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In 2005, the Council of Europe promoted a new instrument of European law, i.e. the Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society, known in short as the Faro  Convention (according to the name of the town where it was opened for signing). The fundamental aspects on which the Faro Convention draws the attention are the extended definition of the cultural heritage as resource of heritage community and the link between the cultural heritage and the objectives of human development as well as life quality. A “relativisation” of the heritage values is currently accepted within the meaning (introduced by Alois RIEGL) that the heritage is considered to be born from its relationship with society and the communities, as they change their perception on the works of the past. A second characteristic of the changing in perception of contemporary society on its cultural heritage is the changing in the perspectives from which historic buildings are the spinal column of built heritage through their size and history are viewed. It is not about a substitution or declassification, but about a multiplication and diversification of values, due to a double change of paradigm: the role of cultural heritage is no longer the exclusive illustration of the evolution of arts and of the succession of great events or historic personalities for scholars, but rather the contribution to human development and to the increase in life quality for communities. The communities have become the beneficiaries and the main contributors in defining the cultural heritage to the detriment of the monopoly of the privileged classes and of experts. The author analyses the mechanisms of historic building protection in Romania from these perspectives, as well as their adequacy to the new concepts.

Keywords: Council of Europe, Faro Convention, List of Historic Buildings in Romania (LMI), listing methodology, decentralisation-regionalisation