Arheologia urbană a Braşovului *** The Urban Archaeology of Braşov


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In the Middle Ages, Braşov was one of the most developed towns in the region. A rich history in destructive events, among which first and foremost in fires, especially the one in 1689, has resulted in a situation where the remnants of the mediaeval and modern past are barely visible above ground. The town’s early history has remained mostly below the current walking surface, in the ground or in underground masonry structures. This history should be brought back to the surface through archaeology, but we are barely at the beginning of this road. Braşov is poor in archaeological findings, composed exclusively of contingent researches related to different interventions, the extent and thoroughness of which were often dependent on the personal ambitions of the archaeologist. Even these few excavations have only been published to a very limited extent, so that not even specialists have full access to the information. The article presents a retrospective of the most important archaeological investigations carried out in the town, stressing the major contributions made by these.

Keywords: Braşov, urban archaeology, mediaeval fortifications, ecclesiastical archaeology, Black Church