Parcul castelului Bánffy din Răscruci, judeţul Cluj *** Bánffy Manor House Park in Răscruci, Cluj County


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This article presents several landmarks from the history of construction and landscape design of the Bánffy Manor House Park in Răscruci (Cluj County). With older beginnings of landscaping, the mixed style park, listed as historic monuments in the 2004, respectively 2010 Historic Buildings’ List, was created in the 19th century. Partially decipherable in period iconographic documents, the landscaping was altered during the 20th century, leaving only traces of the former placements. The article presents the main built and landscaped elements of the ensemble, the relationships developed between them and with the settlement and the surrounding landscape, as they were observed by the author in the summer of 2008, in an attempt to sketch a brief inventory of the current state of the ensemble.

Keywords: historical residential garden, mixed style landscaping, 19th century