Reabilitarea Casei Bosianu, parte a ansamblului Observatorului Astronomic din Bucureşti *** Conservation of the Bosianu House, Part of the Astronomical Observatory Ensemble in Bucharest


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The Bosianu House is sited in a very rich area of Bucharest in heritage terms, but which is most often overlooked. The history of the building and of the ensemble that hosts it, as well as its specific stylistic features, make it worth protecting. The building currently suffers from numerous deteriorations and shortcomings, most of which are the result of improper use. The intervention may still be conducted easily, without exaggerated costs, but the physical conservation of the building alone will prove to be inefficient in the long term if no functional reorganisation aiming at opening the building to the public, and no promotion and maintenance
programme are envisaged.

Keywords: Filaret, Neo-Gothic, Romantic, Luigi LIPIZER, Bucharest, enhancement, promotion