Cauzele apariției, problematica eradicării și prevenția atacurilor fungice produse de Serpula lacrymans (burete de casă) *** The Causes, Eradication and Prevention of Fungal Attacks Caused by Serpula lacrymans


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This article presents details on the biology of the Serpula lacrymans fungus species, explaining the causes of its appearance on the North Gate building of the Citadel Ensemble in Cluj-Napoca (CJ-II-a-A-07240), as well as the methods used for the attack’s eradication. A massive attack was found on the upper floor, but also at roof structure level, its expansion being marked on the pavilion’s surveys. The main  prevention measures were recommended.

Keywords: Serpula, dry rot, causes, eradication, prevention, North Gate, Citadel, building biology specialty study