Reabilitarea Liceului Tehnologic Constantin Brâncuşi din Târnăveni *** The Rehabilitation of the Constantin Brâncuşi Technological High School in Târnăveni


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The article presents a study/project on the rehabilitation of the historic building in Târnăveni, at 10, Trandafirilor Square, the former Palace of Financial Administration, currently the building of the Constantin Brâncuşi Technological High School. It highlights differences in the dating of the building, its importance and environment over time, the architectural, functional, aesthetic, and constructive characteristics, the style belonging to the Neoclassical with Neo-baroque insertions. The changes in function, the number and specifics of the users have necessitated over time a series of constructive alterations of the building with basement, ground and upper floor: the closure of the old corridor, the installation of restrooms and a second staircase, as well as a third staircase, disagreeably added in the right wing, perpendicular to the elevation.
The ground floor annex building adjoined to the right, or the subsequent extension, of another type, of the original building’s left wing are not in the scope of the project.
Highlighting the elements that harm the state of the building and the preserved original elements, solutions are proposed for the rehabilitation and preservation of the building, but also for the functional and aesthetic improvement, or that of the layout, focused on the concordance with the original image.

Keywords: Constantin Brâncuşi Technological High School, Târnăveni, historic building rehabilitation, Palace of the Financial Administration, Transylvanian Neoclassical, Neo-baroque, preservation, heritage, degradations