Intervenţii de reconstrucţie a şarpantei corpului neoclasic al castelului Kornis din Mănăstirea *** Interventions for Reconstructing the Roof Structure of the Neoclassical Building of the Kornis Castle in Mănăstirea


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The Kornis Castle in Mănăstirea (Cluj County), as Renaissance element in Transylvania, has survived for more than four centuries, and it has progressed in time through various extensions and additions of new bodies, including during the neoclassical period. The second half of the 20th century had brought in events causing serious damage to the castle, and its current condition is mainly that of a ruin. This article is intended to make an analysis of the roof structure of the neoclassical pavilion, a short inventory of the safeguarded values, and a study on the possibility of reconstruction – a step towards bringing the whole ensemble back to life, with all its implications on authenticity.

Keywords: Kornis Castle in Mănăstirea, roof structure, reconstruction, authenticity, heritage values, structural analysis