Contribuţii la strămutarea şi reconstrucţia obiectivului stăvilar din cadrul City Business Centre Timişoara *** Contributions to the Reconstruction of a Sluice within the City Business Centre in Timișoara


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The 18th century wood-stone-brick sluice system for the regulation of the water-level in the defensive moat is a part of the Archaeological Site of the Timişora Fortifications of Bastion VII (Eugene of SAVOY) and was discovered in April 2013 during the construction works of City Business Centre, Block E.

The investment’s beneficiary decided to save the sluice system by its extraction, relocation, and partial reconstruction within the building complex.

To carry out this complex operation, was asked to analyse the state of preservation of the wooden material and to propose the appropriate preservation measures. The reconstruction concept proposed by the beneficiaryi mplied outdoor exposure and maintaining the wooden components in water for public display.

The novelty of the concept led us to resort to international specialists in the field. Based on the conducted analyses and on the consultations with them, we developed the preservation strategy for the period between dismantling and reconstruction, as well as the one following the reconstruction.

Keywords: reconstruction, relocation, archaeological wood preservation