Restaurarea casei Prințului Eugeniu de Savoya *** The Conservation of Prince Eugene of Savoy’s House


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Prince Eugene of Savoy’s House, a historic building, is included in the protected area of Timișoara city centre, which is an urban fabric highly concentrated in archaeological, historical, and architectural information. The large-scale pedestrianisation project of the historic centre, the so-called Timișoara Fortress, was the catalyser for urban regeneration. It triggered a historic building conservation movement in the area with a view to the title of European Capital of Culture in 2021. In this context, Prince Eugene of Savoy’s House is too little known and acknowledged. In contrast with the large number of signs referring to the field marshal on the elevations, the apparently modest building is hardly noticeable, in spite of its position at the crossroads of two major pedestrian streets. The conservation documentation proposes preservation, conservation, cleaning, and repair works. They are aimed at both structural consolidation and interior and exterior elevation enhancement, which is not without impact on the inner courtyard area. The intervention was thus approached considering the preservation of the specific data and the enhancement of the elements favouring the integration of the building features in the urban context of the protected area.

Keywords: architecture, conservation, Timișoara, archaeology, Eugene OF SAVOY, urban regeneration