Pietonizarea spațiilor publice din cartierul Cetate din Timișoara *** Creating Pedestrian Public Spaces in the Cetate District of Timișoara


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Urban public space has developed over time in terms of shape as well as regarding its function. The urban spaces of Timișoara, redesigned in the 18th century as representative squares, followed the trends of each era. Thus, at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, initiatives were launched aiming at the revitalisation of urban life by transforming certain squares and streets of the central, Cetate [Fortress – transl. note] District into pedestrian areas. This trend was pursued until recent years, with the aim to enhance the attractiveness of the centre for pedestrians. This article displays a critical point of view regarding the quality of these pedestrian urban spaces, based on the author’s own observations as well as on the results of an online survey about the most recent and controversial developments: those in Libertăţii Square.

Keywords: public space, development, attractiveness, community events