Spațiul urban și democratizarea peisajului *** Urban Space and the Democratisation of Landscape


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The article aims at debating the transformation of public space as a result of the interaction and faulty processes of negotiation between the administration and the local community. Specifically, the analysis of the recent transformations through the “rehabilitation” of an important square in the Cetate District of Timișoara – Libertăţii Square, and of all the transformations that the new space went through following this process. Which is the new identity that has been created and influenced by those in charge of the city? And what is the meaning that local people try to offer to an empty space? What can a responsible administration do (what is its role) in such cases and what does the local administration of Timişoara do today? Between objectivity and responsible action for the benefit of community and city alike, and subjectivity/demagogic and obsessive action.

Keywords: public space, cultural landscape, democratisation of landscape, community, constitutional law, power relations, planning and administration, urban dimension, heritage