Șarpantele istorice cu caracter romanic din navele principale ale bisericilor evanghelice de la Vurpăr şi Toarcla *** The Historic Roof Structures of the Main Naves in the Romanesque Churches in Vurpăr and Toarcla


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The Romanesque roof structures represent a very small part of the universal heritage, but at the same time an invaluable part from the point of view of the heritage values they carry. Because of their age and the influence of external factors, these roof structures have a heightened sensitivity regarding their durability. This paper presents several aspects regarding the investigation of the continental Romanesque roof structures identified in the Lutheran churches in Vurpăr and Toarcla. The purpose of the interventions is to draw the specialists’ attention to these heritage values.

Keywords: Vurpăr Lutheran church, Toarcla Lutheran church, Romanesque roof structure, joints