Parcursul unei construcții de la imobil existent neclasat la imobil de patrimoniu protejat *** A Building’s Path Regarding its Heritage Listed Status and Subsequent Structural Strengthening Interventions


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The current article represents a case study upon an existing building’s path regarding its heritage listed status and the structural consolidation intervention that may be thereafter possible. The work follows the legal framework involved from a building’s initial, non-listed state, towards its listed status as a historic building, and its subsequent status as a strengthened, rehabilitated historic building. Current practices note a lack of coherence between a heritage building’s listing criteria argumentation and the subsequent strengthening intervention method that may be adopted.

The article presents a comparative case-study based on Romanian and Italian heritage building legislation for historic building identification, listing, protection and, if necessary, strengthening. Specific issues concerning historic building interventions, with regard to design code prescriptions, strengthening solutions and limitations upon them are further noted and exemplified. The final part comments upon the reviewed information with a view towards emergency interventions upon listed historic buildings.

Keywords: historic building, legal framework, structural consolidation, reducing the associated seismic risk