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The term “temporary works” refers to the sum total of initiatives for the preliminary reinforcement or securing of structures (demolitions, bracing, the installation of metal stays, jacketing, the erection of barriers, etc.) implemented during the initial emergency phase following an earthquake. They are aimed at avoiding further damage from seismic aftershocks and at guaranteeing public safety. Non-invasive works must always make it possible to carry out subsequent operations of conservation and reinforcement without added difficulty.

Given that the equipment in question is used specifically for conservation work, respecting the principle of reversibility proves more critically important than ever, inasmuch as temporary works cannot result in any modification or transformation of the structural performance of the building.

The most efficient type of equipment is that which, in a phase following the emergency, can be made a part of the conservation effort, contributing to the overall project of reinforcement, or even standing as the final work all on its own.

Keywords: earthquake emergency, historic structures, temporary works