Parcurile castelelor Béldy Pál, Mikes și Nemes din Budila, județul Brașov *** The Béldy Pál, Mikes, and Nemes Manor House Parks in Budila, Brașov County


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The article presents several landmarks from the history of construction and landscape design of the Béldy Pál, Mikes, and Nemes Manor Houses in Budila (Braşov Co.). The parks, of which the one belonging to the Béldy Pál Manor House is an arboretum, listed in the 2004, 2010, and 2015 Historic Buildings List, were created in the 19th century, but were altered during the 20th century to such an extent that today their former elements are undecipherable. While the Béldy Pál Manor House regained its functionality at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, entering into a rehabilitation process, the Mikes and Nemes Manor Houses were at the time in an advanced state of degradation. The article describes the main built and landscaped elements of the three neighbouring manor house ensembles, the relationships that exist between them and with the settlement, as well as with surrounding landscape, as they were observed by the author in the summer of 2009, in an attempt to sketch a brief inventory of their current state.

Keywords: historical residential garden, landscaped style design, mixed style design, 19th century